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Why is it important to cook with children

17 April 2018

The time spent with the baby is priceless. All excuses that, they say time is not enough, flip to the side. Hostesses cook food daily. Invite your child to participate in this exciting process. Surely, your invitation will cause a storm of delight and joy in a little man.

Helping mom in the kitchen, together cooked dish, teaches the kid:



develops creative thinking;

the child gains important life skills.

How to make joint cooking in joyful moments?

Many mommies are worried about the baby and are afraid that in the kitchen he is in danger and may:

get burnt;

cut yourself;

pour water;

get dirty ...

For parents, it’s safer and quicker to do everything herself, by sitting down the baby to watch cartoons about Masha and the bear.

However, judging how much the benefit of the peanut will receive from the joint "kitchen" work, moms with joy, although with some anxiety, open the kitchen door for the child.

How many new discoveries are waiting for the baby here!

What can you trust a young chef?

2-4 years: the age of independence, the baby wants to do everything himself. The child is enthusiastically engaged in sand dough, cutting out all kinds of figures and forms from it for cooking. This job is joyful for him and is not difficult, because he has already completed this skill in the kindergarten sandbox. Decorating gingerbread with hearts and flowers, cut out of mastic with plastic cuttings, is a real pleasure for a child.

5–8 years old: why do you need age? Why is salt salt and sugar sweet? A lot of questions from witting and at the same time - this is a real mother's assistant, who can safely be trusted to weigh the necessary ingredients on the scales, to prepare molds for baking.

9–12 years old: at this time the necessary kitchen appliances were already mastered: microwave, electric kettle, mixer, oven ... at 12 years old, a teenager can independently prepare a delicious and elegant gingerbread as a gift for her mother.

The joy of children's creativity

Fabulous magic begins for the child at the moment when a simple piece of dough turns into a lush, delicious-smelling cake. Seeing the result of their actions and receiving the praise of adults, children are inspired by new culinary exploits.

The artistic taste of the baby develops when setting the table, decorating desserts. First, the child repeats the actions of adults, and then he himself begins to fantasize, creating his own compositions.

Try and experiment!