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The 3D-Kulinar company-one of the leading producers of forms for gingerbreads and cookies from PLA-plastic in the World. We work for everyone who understands cooking as artistic creativity and high art!

  • We are professionals, strictly following the norms and rules of quality.
  • We are a young company, ready to experiment and expand horizons.
  • We are reliable suppliers and partners, always complying with deadlines and obligations.

Our forms and stamps are designed for making pastries from pastry dough, and can also be used to cut curly elements from sugar mastic, marzipan, special dough for handicrafts.

Our patterned rolling pins are a useful and easy to use baking decorating tool. A couple of movements and the dough will be painted with unique patterns. Will only cut cookies or gingerbread and send them in the oven. The rolling pin we produce by our own technology, so we can guarantee their quality!

Forms for gingerbread and cookies: the benefits of "3D-Kulinar"                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

  • Specialized production. We make only forms and stamps, but we do it at the highest level of quality and aesthetics.
  • Full cycle. All stages - the idea, sketch, design development, mold making, implementation - are carried out within the company.
  • Safe stuff. We work only with PLA plastic (polylactide), which has a biological basis and is absolutely “clean”.
  • Dynamics of the range. Monthly general and thematic catalogs of the store are replenished with new cuttings and sets.

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Patterned rolling pins: advantages of "3D-Kulinar» 

  • Our second specialized production. Here we make only patterned rolling pins.
  • The process of creating a patterned rolling pin is time-consuming. Idea, sketch, improvements, creating a 2d model, making a picture on a rolling pin.
  • Safety! For blanks used beech trees (made in Russia).  The image on the rolling pin is applied with a laser (burning wood) in our production. After creating the pattern, the rolling pin is washed and covered with flax oil, by hand!
  • Constant updating of the range of rolling pins, both festive subjects, and different.

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Terms of cooperation

  1. The minimum amount to purchase products in the online store and an individual order for plastic molds for cookies and other pastries - from $ 7.
  2. The term for the manufacture of products and shipment through the Russian Post or the EMS Post - from 1 to 3 working days from the date of payment or approval of the drawing (for forms under the order).
  3. Production and shipment of goods to the recipient - on working days, the possibility of placing urgent orders is negotiated separately.

The subject of our special pride is the widest range; We invite you to buy plastic cookie cutters for baking cookies and gingerbread in hundreds of options for dozens of diverse topics. We welcome every retail customer and appreciate the wholesale partners. Let's be friends and cooperate!